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We provide customized one-on-one and group career transition services that provide job seekers with the structure, resources and tools necessary to achieve their career goals.
It's competitive out there.
75% of all open positions are never advertised. When a position is advertised, hiring managers receive hundreds of responses and only look at resumes that provide a strong overview at a quick glance. For many jobs, screening interviews are conducted over the phone and only provides the applicant with a quick shot at making a first impression. Candidates that make it to the second-round of interviews need to be prepared for many different interview styles and to communicate their key qualifications, accomplishments and assets in a clear and concise manner.

Our customized individual and group career transitions and outplacement programs include:
  • Understanding the job search process and managing the career transition process

  • Developing a strategic job search plan

  • Creating a resumes and cover letters that focus on each individual's professional objective

  • Understanding the hiring process

  • Navigating the job boards and tapping into the "unadvertised" job market

  • Developing the Essential interviewing techniques and skills that lead to job offers

  • Cultivating job offers and negotiating competitive salaries

  • Maintaining productivity during the job search process

  • One-on-one coaching

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